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Get Involved And Lend A Hand On December 1st

The world stops for a moment and celebrates World AIDS Day on December, 1, 2011. This celebration started out in 1988 to raise awareness for an affliction that is steadily growing every year. The number of cases has reached an alarming rate and even famous actors and actresses have been one of the most high profile cases to date. This is why millions of people all over the world are joining hands to raise not just awareness but also funds to help impoverished countries get better treatment for it. This is also the time that remembrance and memorials are held to honor victims of the disease.

After the President of the United States made an official declaration of the day, many other countries followed its example and have also held their own version of festivities to commemorate the special event. The date December 1 was selected as the perfect time to get the most media mileage. This has been due to the fact that it would come right after US elections and right before Christmas therefore, leaving a “dead spot” for news and world events.

The idea proved to be effective and has been eventually embraced by those who joined the cause. Various social events have been geared to not only raise awareness but also a great time to launch new advances in the study and collect funds. Many organizations have joined the World Health Organization and the combat AIDS movement is one of the most vital groups in the fight for better health care.

The theme for every year is spearheaded by UNAIDS. They work in tandem with other global health organizations in picking out the best theme for this or that year. It usually works by formulating a general theme for half a decade and subthemes are incorporated into each year that the event is held. This way, the movement flows in a general direction while maintaining smaller goals for a single year. As previously stated it is a movement that is meant to sweep more and more people into AIDS awareness and even contributing whatever extra they have to the cause.

There has been no other symbol for AIDS other than the red ribbon. The red looped ribbon is a symbol of unity and solidarity for those who are afflicted with HIV and those who are living with people who have AIDS. These ribbons have been made into pins and posters and plastered all over large cities as a sign of the celebration or event that is coming up. It has been a small but loud reminder of the countless victims around the world and also to signify the growing percentage of the population that is getting infected every day.

Many countries have their own versions of the festivities and also some adapt different times of the year to celebrate World Aids Month. Some countries celebrate this during October or any other month of the year but December 1 is the recognized day for AIDS. The World AIDS Campaign officially became an independent organization in 2004.