Global Aids Day

Global AIDS Day

What better way to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS than to do it in a global scale. Educating everybody of the dreadful disease is the most important goal of  Global AIDS Day. This gathering not only educates but also gives support for those who are plagued by the disease.

Gatherings of this magnitude show that the people are on one in defying the prevalence of the disease. This will also let the people know that HIV/AIDS is not only limited to homosexuals as previously identified. HIV/AIDS does not recognize whether you are rich or poor, gay or straight. Discrimination in terms of sexual preference is also a touchy subject but nevertheless still part of the Global AIDS day.

An international sign of the awareness of AIDS is by putting a red ribbon your clothes. This is the symbol that has been used up to this day to show the support and overwhelming concern about the dreaded Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This also serves as a reminder that patients infected with HIV needs the support and love of all their loved ones.

The ribbon unites everyone who has a family, friend, or lover that has been infected with the dreaded infection. Unlike baller bands which sell for a fortune for charities, the red ribbon is actually free. It is made up of a piece of red ribbon and safety pin. Since the launch of the red ribbon, thousands have taken up this symbol. Top actors and actresses in Hollywood are showing their support by wearing the red ribbon in red carpet events.

In some countries they celebrate Global AIDS day by putting up art shows, marches, candlelight vigils. Themes of the shows revolve around the awareness of the disease. Educational seminars are given to disseminate information on new updates or recent clinical studies of HIV. Some countries collect fees for these shows. The fees collected are given to charities that help with patients affected by HIV.

Fees also fund international organizations that go around the world educating people about HIV/AIDS. Events may be simple and need not have guests that are rich or famous. As long as the community participates in the event, that is enough to make the event successful. It need not be grand nor lavish since the goal of these events is only to educate and gather support.

Parts of society are still not well-educated with the disease caused by HIV. International celebration like the Global Aids Day will help them to be aware of such. These are issues that are seldom taught in school and information about HIV/AIDS is almost always limited. Access to the internet is also a wrong way of getting information.

Information in the internet about HIV/AIDS may be true but they are not explained correctly to teenagers. Cases of HIV/AIDS have already spread among teenagers and the rate of infection has risen alarmingly since then. Teenagers are the most vulnerable to the disease since at their age; they are starting to get to know themselves. They start to experiment and discover things that are beyond the knowledge of their parents.