Global Aids Week


A week-long and Global AIDS week is an event unlike any other. It is an event with mixed emotions all rolled into one. Showing of concern and support for the loved one affected with HIV/AIDS comprises the Global AIDS Week.  But then the event also raises awareness of the disease and how it could spread into pandemic proportions. Such events are held for a week to thoroughly incorporate the necessary educational seminars, activities, and shows necessary to disseminate information pertaining to HIV/AIDS. These types of events are held a week-long in order for people who cannot make it in other days to come and still participate since the events are held longer.

To kick start such an occasion, a longer period of time prior to the event are already advertised and circulated. This is done so as to inform people in far flung places from the venue where the event is going to take place. This also a good opportunity for some to gather and brainstorm on what they can contribute for the event. Social groups can meet and discuss how they can participate and make a big impact in raising awareness on HIV/AIDS. Activists can start to plan on when and where they can hold rallies to show support for those who are plagued by the disease. Families of the patients have also their ways of showing support for the event by gathering the communities in an activity.

Events like these are placed in a very large area where it can accommodate a lot of people. Areas are thought of carefully as to the accessibility of the majority of the participants. It is done simultaneously all over the globe to signify unity in the goal of Global AIDS Week. The activities lined up for such an event are different in every country where it is being held. In religious countries, the event is started with a mass offered for everyone before the opening.  In other countries, a grandiose display like a motorcade is paraded around to city. Decorated cars and bands are toured all over the city to entice the people to come and participate.

Concerts, vigils, and even educational seminars are part of the activities in a Global AIDS Week. These are organized by friends and families who fell into the deadly grasp of HIV/AIDS. Concerts have bands that perform for free in exchange that all the proceeds go to charities that support HIV/AIDS victims. Money that is pulled in from such an event is also donated to research facilities that help study and find a cure for HIV/AIDS. Candlelight vigils are also held to commemorate people who have departed from this world because of the disease. Memorabilia of their loved ones are displayed in a certain area and is decorated with loving dedications from friends and families. Educational seminar is an integral part of the event. Awareness of the disease is the best prevention in spreading HIV/AIDS. Pamphlets with information on everything pertaining to the disease are distributed as the celebration goes on.