HIV America

HIV/AIDS In America


When the HIV virus was discovered in the 1980’s, it was confused with cancer or pneumonia. Five men were hospitalized with severe cases of pneumonia and were deteriorating quickly. This puzzled the doctors since all the patients were very healthy before and that a case of pneumonia could easily be cured with the help of antibiotics. The cases of men being hospitalized due to pneumonia, as previously diagnosed, rose and they all had the same cases. They were healthy and just suddenly got sick. Further investigation to their cases revealed that these men were actually homosexuals.

After a few more tests, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was found in the blood tests of these homosexuals. Thus, when HIV/AIDS was finally defined and identified, it was linked to gay couples. This has become a controversial disease since it not only affects the health, but also touches on the moral and sociological aspect of everyone. Up to this day, cases of HIV/AIDS are more prevalent in the homosexual and still remain as the most controversial disease. Scientists are on a never ending quest to find a cure for the infection.

HIV/AIDS has left its deadly toll in America for the last century. Although there is still neither cure nor vaccination for the disease, there has been a progress on how the disease can be prevented from spreading. A recent study has shown the different modes of transmission. Education on the different contraceptives used to prevent the spread has taken an aggressive approach. With this, the cases of HIV/AIDS have slowly declined. Discrimination against gay couples has also toned down since the time that they were persecuted for spreading the disease.

Fun and care free lives with no worries at all are a thing of the past. A one night stand with a complete stranger, making out in a bar, or even having casual sex with an ex boyfriend or partner were deemed to be harmless. These were just considered as part of growing up and enjoying life to the fullest.

Repercussions of the deed were never given a second thought and the party goes on. It was a time where strangers meet and have a good time. It was an era where men have sex with other men and were not arrested nor scorned by society. Back then, everyone did anything that will fulfill their every fantasy when it comes to sex. But with the discovery of HIV/AIDS, the fun came to a dead halt.

Recently, more and more recorded cases have been found despite the fact that the health department has bent over backwards to inform every one of the perils of the disease. Nowadays, it no longer distinguishes from old and young, male or female even gay or straight. This is why a stand must be taken to combat the disease in the region where we live our lives.