HIV Europe

HIV/AIDS In Europe


There is a need for an aggressive campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness in Europe. Steady increase of cases of HIV/AIDS has been diagnosed every year and is still on the rise. Education seems to be the most effective way in pulling down the number of cases. European countries have been notorious in having the most sex dens and brothels in the world.

Since majority of cases of transmission of HIV/AIDS is through sexual intercourse, dissemination of this information is of vital importance for the prevention of spreading the disease. But in Eastern Europe, reasons for the rise of the cases of HIV/AIDS are not solely dependent on sexual intercourse. Most of the causes are through the sharing of needles when taking in illegal drugs.

Europe has an abundance of illegal drugs ranging from the most expensive and cheapest kind. Drugs are sold easily and can be found almost everywhere in Europe. The injectable kind of illegal drug is what caused the rise of HIV/AIDS prevalence. Sharing of contaminated needle is one mode of transmission of the disease. Some countries have resorted to a needle exchange program wherein drug users are given syringes that are sterile.

The options to take other drugs that will help substitute with the illegal substance that they are taking are also being implemented. But some countries have a more brutal approach to the problem in which law enforcers resort to violence when they are faced with a drug addict. This type of approach has terrified drug users therefore making them inaccessible to be informed and educated. The tendency of drug addicts when they are afraid is to go on hiding. Because of this, infected drug addicts tend to run away instead of seeking help.

A rise in the case of infection of HIV/AIDS has also been due to the lack of education in some parts of Europe. Places where even schools are not found, people tend to be misinformed of the disease. In a country where taking in multiple partners is a good thing, they tend to have sexual intercourse without protection.

In areas where even medicine is hardly supplied, condoms are the least of their priorities to procure. The only effective way to go about it is to educate and disseminate information on how HIV/AIDS is contracted. Information on the modes of transmission of the disease should be explained thoroughly until it is well understood.

In a continent filled with a lot of developed countries, it will not be so difficult to spread the word of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In an era where technology is progressing to an impressive state, dissemination of the information will be done quickly. For some countries that are not yet developed, neighboring countries can help in educating them about the disease and how it can be prevented from spreading. With the cooperation of everyone, HIV/AIDS cases will drop significantly due to the prevention of the spread of the infection. In the upcoming Global Aids Day celebration, the participation of Europe will definitely be a boost to the fight against HIV/AIDS.